As the stomach turns

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I know, I know, the world does not need another food blog! I can assure you that it is not my intention to help you eliminate gluten from your diet or find your inner locavore. Nor do I have any desire to preserve an account of my challenges and triumphs cooking within the constraints of a Norwegian pantry. Moreover, I can’t even boast of any special aptitude when it comes to food photography. So why does this site exist?

My father entrusted me with a family treasure—my mother’s recipe box—but it came with the condition that I share its wisdom with my brother and the friends and family who have fond memories signature dishes like Mutha Fletch’s Green Goddess Salad Dressing and Faerie Yum-Yum (recipes coming soon).

The original plan was simply to distribute copies of the recipe cards, but it soon became clear that a certain amount of intuition is required to achieve their gastronomic delights. Most of the recipes are pretty vague on instruction, while others require ingredients that have long since gone out of fashion (like the meatloaf recipe, which calls for MSG). So into the kitchen I went to experiment with ways to improve the recipes’ instructions and standardize their format.

The most recent recipes I’ve edited are linked to in the side bar, or you can start by browsing the collection of main dishes, side dishes, desserts and snacks.

By the time a recipe makes it to this web site I have made it several times with consistent results. I have taken a few liberties by updating the ingredients here and there for a 21st century palate. In spite of that, these recipes represent the food I grew up on: basic nosh made by a stay-at-home mom and active volunteer.

I hope to post one or two newly polished recipes every month and when I make through all of the original recipes in my mother’s recipe box, I promise to stop blogging!