Jane’s Overnight Buns

This recipe produces soft, delicate buns with just a hint of sweetness. I like to eat them for breakfast with a slice of cheese or salty meat. I have also served them with whipped cream for Fastelavn (an observance that takes place in Norway on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday), but shape them differently and you will have a nice dinner roll instead.  In other words, these buns are very versatile. Continue reading

Caesar Salad

Once while traveling on a business trip, my father was invited to a potluck. He called home to brainstorm about what to bring and my mother suggested the recipe below. At the potluck, my father’s salad was recognized as the best contribution to the communal dinner and he now describes this as an “award winning” recipe. Caesar Salad has always been a popular dish in our household, and the original scrap of paper that Dad recorded the recipe on is now so well-used and saturated with oil that it is barely legible.  Continue reading

The Recipes of Mutha Fletch


I know, I know, the world does not need another food blog! I can assure you that it is not my intention to help you eliminate gluten from your diet or find your inner locavore. Nor do I have any desire to preserve an account of my challenges and triumphs cooking within the constraints of a Norwegian pantry. Moreover, I can’t even boast of any special aptitude when it comes to food photography. So why does this site exist? Continue reading